Corporate Wellness Program

Bring balanced wellness to your organization with this 10-week activity.

Only $45/participant
(Group rates for 500+.)

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To work like a team and help employees reach their potential we need to address the core characteristic of human interaction. We need to help our employees foster strong and positive relationships. Relationships are not formed in a matter of hours or even days at a single event. Relationships take time to develop where each person is sharing a little of who they are and what drives and motivates them.

Corporate eJournal (CEJ) helps build strong relationships which fosters team building and employee development. The CEJ program is used daily and during office hours in just 5 minutes. Using our secure online platform, your employees will answer questions from our vast database. See samples. Then, other employees can read your answers thereby learning a little more about a person and building a connection.

CEJ works because we do not ask prying questions. We're not trying to coerce employees to share secrets or confront any issues. We simply want to help people understand each other. That's why it is so important there is no agenda (political, religious, corporate, etc.) because that is when communication breaks down.

You found Corporate eJournal because you care about your employees and you want your organization to thrive! CEJ provides the most cost effective program that truly helps build a team environment. And since it's web-based, CEJ is outstanding for the geographically dispersed and companies where employees travel extensively.

Benefits (Warning: this list is long.)

  1. A daily team building and employee development program.
  2. Takes just 5 minutes to use, literally.
  3. Available year-round from anywhere in the world!
  4. Addresses the heart of team building - namely communication & relationships.
  5. Provides a definitive tool so people can take real action.
  6. No training, nothing to buy or store on-site and no additional company resources.
  7. Cost effective - no off-site activity or additional expenses.
  8. Allows employees to go at their pace.
  9. Provides an opportunity for self-discovery that isn't fake, forced or contrived.
  10. May improve productivity, reduce unplanned absences, improve morale and increase loyalty & retention.
  11. Shows your employees how much you care about their well being.
  12. Provides a marketing opportunity as a company and to prospective employees.
  13. Can be quantitatively monitored for effectiveness and ROI including divisional by departments.
  14. Need more reasons? Why not just give it a try and help us add to this list!


Corporate eJournal is a fully automated, internet-based utility. Getting up and running is as easy as:

  1. Setup - Purchase a Partner Code which may include Sub-Groups (additional fees may apply). Sub-Groups may be divided by department, division, etc.
  2. Announce - Inform employees your organization has initiated a program that is free to use during office hours.
  3. Initiate - Encourage registration by your employees (i.e. the Group Leader) and begin use 5x, 3x or 2x per week.
  4. Evaluate - Review quantitative monthly reports that are divided by sub-group. Then, compare with current company data and trends. Or, simply notice how the office environment has changed and people/teams are working more cohesively.