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Tackling the Root Cause that Drives
Culture, Engagement and Retention.

Wanna know a secret? Ever wonder why life around the office can be so "messy"? Well, it turns out it is Emotional Health (which is different than Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health) that is the primary driver of behavior. This is why strengthening relationships is critical to achieve a thriving workforce. It may sound obvious but think about this...

When a person doesn't feel heard, valued or like they matter, especially to their manager(s), it hurts. Interestingly enough, the human brain cannot distinguish between physical pain and emotional pain. We have resources to address physical pain but not emotional pain. Furthermore, this is why higher pay, bonuses, 401K, gym memberships, etc. do not significantly impact an organization's "bottom line" or change behavior. In fact, often times, an employee will gladly accept less of the above in order to have a more positive [emotional] experience at work.

eJournaling's Indirect and Guided Communication helps people share and be heard. In other words, we help people connect, as people.

The Only Solution Addressing Behavior's Source.

With more than 10,000 hours of research, experimentation and testing we now understand that the simplest solution can also be the most effective. There are many known disinhibiting effects of online communication and using eJournal's "guided" database of questions makes discovering more about yourself and others easier than ever. That's all it takes. Simply answer a few questions and read your teammates' answers. But just like exercise or a good diet, you have to maintain it to reap the rewards. Otherwise, like losing muscle or endurance, your relationships will deteriorate as well and so will your emotional health and your behavior.

User-Friendly &
Universally Accessible

eJournaling just 3x/week (approx. 15 minutes total time) has been shown to improve connection and strengthen relationships.

No more cumbersome pen & paper. We're taking advantage of today's technology so you can eJournal safely and privately with ease!

No training required. Within minutes your team can be eJournaling 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.

What's Really Going On Here?

eJournaling is a Q&A forum where employees share answers to questions based on their own perspective and read answers provided by their group members or teammates. In doing so, you'll gain insight and understanding which strengthens your relationship.

If you remember the days of letter writing, people can become incredibly connected by sharing through writing. Today, the internet allows us to exchange the written-word with greater ease and speed. But for many of us we don't know where to begin and that's why eJournaling prompts you with questions to answer however you like. We're here to help "get the ball rolling" and then you can continue the conversation offline, if you want.

What eJournaling Can Impact.

HAPPINESS - Happy people perform better and the key to happiness is connection. (Harvard University, 2012)

CULTURE - When a person feels heard, valued and understood it has a powerfully positive effect on their demeanor. In other words, they’re vibrating at a higher frequency which is contagious and has amazing effects on productivity and more. Your culture will begin to thrive!

ENGAGEMENT - Feeling like you matter and your contributions are worthwhile creates a positive feedback loop that draws a person in deeper and more fully. When a person is fully engaged (and 87% of the worldwide workforce is NOT, Gallup Study) they're willing to "go the extra mile", conceive creative solutions and innovate more readily.

RETENTION - The better a manager and employee know each other, as people, the more likely they are to listen, negotiate, compromise and value each other. When 50% of people quit their job because of their boss or management what company can afford to continue poor relationships? (Case Study - 10% retention is standard and 6-months to train a new hire. In an organization of 500 people with an average salary of $60,000/year, that's a cost of $1,500,000 per year!)

And What About Your Organization?

Why is wellness so important for your organization? Because the healthier your workforce is the better they will perform. And let's be honest here, an organization is only in business if they can generate revenue and they can only grow if they are profitable. But as we know, wellness is about more than just physical health. To be truly well, one must nurture their physical, mental, emotional and spirtual health.

Therefore, if behavior is primarily the outcome of Emotional Health, as stated above, and "behaviors" such as culture, engagement and retention directly impact organizational success, then an organization who nurtures its workforces' Emotional Health by strengthening their relationships will have the greatest likelihood of success!

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