Frequently Asked Questions

The Concept:
  1. What is Corporate eJournal?

    Corporate eJournal is an interactive website designed to facilitate communication between co-workers. The main goal is to help employees, groups and teams understand themselves and each other better. We'll ask the questions and all you need to do is answer and read answers. Regularly communicating using the eJournal is a way to build rapport with your colleagues in just a few minutes a day. [close]

  2. How did you get the idea for a Corporate eJournal?

    Corporate eJournal is based on its parent program, FamilyeJournal (FEJ). FEJ is used to improve family communication and connection using a simple Q&A format. [close]

  3. Who is CEJ intended for?

    CEJ is intended for any organization interested in team building and employee development. It is also an excellent mental and emotional wellness program. [close]

  4. How old do you have to be to use CEJ?

    CEJ is intended for adults over 18 years old working for an organization who is sponsoring the program. In cases where a 16-17 year old is employed, CEJ is also appropriate. [close]

  5. Does it work?

    You bet it does! Improving communication and relationships is the cornerstone of human interaction and this is shown in the research. For CEJ specifically we haven't completed any studies but we did publish a study regarding FamilyeJournal and its effectiveness. [close]

  6. Does Corporate eJournal provide counseling?

    No, Corporate eJournal does not provide counseling or other healthcare services. [close]

The Website:
  1. How does it work?

    CEJ works by you answering questions and sharing those answers. The questions CEJ asks are conversational rather than confrontational. The more people communicate, the more they connect. [close]

  2. Isn’t CEJ just like email?

    CEJ is not like email. CEJ implements guided communication while email relies on the author to initiate a topic of conversation. By asking questions from our database, CEJ stimulates a user to think and recognize his or her thoughts and feelings and provides a place to express them. Our questions are designed to help your organization's team building and employee development. [close]

  3. How much does CEJ cost?

    CEJ is sponsored by your organization and will likely be free to the end-user. The price is $45/person however group rates are available for organization's with 500+ participants. To learn more, contact us to discuss group rates. [close]

  4. How can I cancel my subscription?

    The Group Leader has complete control of their account and can Add/Remove Members and Cancel their entire group's account at any time. To permanently delete an entire group's account takes just 3 clicks... so be careful! [close]

  5. How can I be a part of Corporate eJournal?

    Ask your supervisor or HR department to add Corporate eJournal as a program at your office. We can have you operational in less than 24 hours. [close]

  6. How long has the website been "live"?

    Our parent, FamilyeJournal has been accepting members since January 1, 2003. Corporate eJournal went "live" September 2014. [close]

  7. Is my organization's information safe?

    We take safety and security VERY seriously because it's your ability to have privacy and share with only your team members that makes CEJ so effective. Our Privacy Policy details how information is collected and used. Since CEJ is an organization sponsored program, they ultimately have the ability to review what is shared by you. [close]

  8. How secure is the website when I am using it?

    Each user has their unique email address and password and all members must login to gain access to their group's area. All information collected during registration is performed in a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) environment. [close]

How To Use It:
  1. How do I get my team to use Corporate eJournal?

    Corporate eJournal is an organization program and can be included as a job requirement, at the employers discretion. We suggest your group establishes some guidelines for CEJ use. We offer suggested Tips for Use that your team might consider. [close]

  2. How much time will CEJ take each day?

    Our data shows users spend about 5 minutes per day to answer the 4 questions in their eJournal and read your group members' answers. [close]

  3. How often should I use CEJ?

    Ideally, members will use CEJ every day. Realistically, if each member completes an eJournal 3-5 times per week, then groups should be maintaining a high level of valuable communication. [close]

  4. How much should I share?

    The amount of information you share is up to you. Also, be sure to follow any of your organization's guidelines. We expect that sharing will increase over time as you become more comfortable communicating with your team this way and as a new level of rapport and trust is established between group members. [close]

  5. What if I find out something undesireable?

    Using CEJ could bring to light some potentially sensitive information. It is best to discuss this with your supervisor in accordance with your organization's policies. [close]