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There’s a “Culture of Health & Wellness” and then
there’s simply “A Thriving Culture”.

CorporateeJournal provides the connection we all want, as people, and strengthens interpersonal relationships in a way that bypasses day-to-day conversation so we better understand ourselves and each other. When people begin to feel heard and understood their emotional health improves as does their behaviors. This foundation of emotional health translates into an organizational culture that thrives!

eJournaling Leverages Technology
to Strengthen Relationships and Teams.

Our peer-reviewed researched platform guides teams through a 10-week interactive experience of self- and co-worker discovery. In just 15 minutes/week (which is less time than training for a 5K run), from any internet accessible device worldwide, your workforce will learn and grow together.

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Sample eJournal Questions
We'll Start Easy...

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Self-Managed by
Managers & Team Leaders

  • Let your managers take control and lead the way.
  • Engage by sharing your perspective and what’s on your mind.
  • Small group interaction drives connection because each member is heard.
Track Participation
Across Your Organization

  • People thrive when they're part of something bigger. Let's help everyone join in the fun!
  • Group leaders and members will hold each other accountable and lead by example.
  • Official reporting is available. (Fees may apply.)

Survey & Evaluate or
Simply Observe the Changes

  • Easier conversations online lead to more productive conversations offline.
  • Once started, you'll likely notice positive changes in culture, engagement and retention without even needing to measure.
  • Or, administer pre- and post-eJournaling surveys and track the changes. (Fees may apply.)

"As a professional with prior mental health counseling experience, I understand the importance and value of communication and connection and Corporate eJournal has developed a way to facilitate healthy connections. I highly recommend eJournaling for large groups as it appears to contribute to emotional and mental health and overall well-being."
- Trey Asbury, Ph.D., Associate Psychology Professor
Texas Woman's Univ.

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