Imagine the Happiest &
Most Productive Team.

Teams are comprised of people, of course! And people need to work together and relate in order to be productive. Relating is the basis for relationships which requires time and knowledge to develop. It doesn’t happen in a day or even a week but little by little, the more we share and listen, the better we relate and the stronger our relationships.

CorporateeJournal is Team Building
Based on a Fundamental Human Need - Interrelating, As People First.

Relationships take time and sharing to cultivate. Our Q&A platform helps your crew share their perspective while learning about each other. It’s easy, fun and amazingly effective.

Improve Culture &
Pivot for

Interact positively by sharing what’s on your mind and being heard by your team.

People need to feel like they're part of something bigger and just knowing one another makes a huge difference.

Easier conversations online lead to more productive conversations offline.

Simple Questions To
Initiate Conversation

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Build Teams Anywhere
  • 100% online and no training required.
  • Relationships are built by sharing and eJournaling guides your team with ease.
  • Whether your team is in one office or scattered around the world, it makes no difference to eJournal.
Minimal Effort for
Maximum Wellness

  • Team building takes more than a few hours or days. eJournaling is designed as a 10-week program.
  • One eJournal takes about 5-minutes to complete and we recommend 3 eJournals per week. Can your team afford NOT to spend 15-minutes per week team building?
  • We recommend teams of 5-10 (max.) people for optimal results.

Productive Teams
Get Along

  • The most productive teams are the ones where everyone knows and understands each other; as people first.
  • The quality of our relationships impacts our Emotional Health and subsequently is reflected in our behavior.
  • By nurturing our relationships behaviors improve including culture, engagement, retention and more.

"My team used Corporate eJournal in a start-up environment where no one had ever worked together before. I've never been part of a team that coalesced so quickly! The eJournal entries brought out helpful (and hilarious) insights about each team member and built camaraderie that enhanced collaboration and productivity. Moreover, I believe better understanding each other allowed for more respectful debates which generated better and more creative solutions to problems."
- Clint W., Director of Product Development

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