Why It Works

The Philosophy

We all have a basic need and that is to "connect" to others. Connection is especially important in the workplace because when people feel connected they work cooperatively and as a team. The "best" workplaces function as a cohesive unit where everyone is working toward a common goal rather than simply trying to improve their own position. When we understand each other, how we work, how we thrive, what our strengths and weaknesses are, what motivates us and where we struggle, we have a much greater chance of reaching our potential and bringing a winning attitude to the team.

Corporate eJournal (CEJ) is a tool that builds stronger teams by improving communication and understanding. CEJ prompts you with simple questions about who you are and how you function best in a work environment and then shares your answers with your team members. In no time you'll be developing a new level of rapport and functionality that will help everyone succeed.

The Written Word

The written word is extremely powerful and now that we're used to using it electronically we can really take advantage of it.

First, the eJournal approach uses Indirect, Guided Communication (IGC).

  1. Indirect - You're answering questions from the CEJ database and reading answers your group members provide rather than having a direct, face-to-face conversation (which we also encourage).
  2. Guided - Unlike email and social media where it can be difficult to know where to begin, CEJ helps get the conversation started by asking the questions. All you need to do is answer.

Second, online communication has several disinhibiting effects. For more information on the list below visit: Dr. John Suler's - The Psychology of Cyberspace.

  1. Anonymity – Separating what you write from your real world actions provides a level of dissociation and a feeling of a distinct, online identity.
  2. Invisibility – When your audience isn’t physically present to trade non-verbal communication like disapproving frowns and looks of embarrassment, you’re more likely expand on a topic.
  3. Asynchronicity – Since you are not interacting in “real” time readers have time to think before responding and writers can maintain a train of thought often leading to a deeper expression of how they think and feel.
  4. It's All in My Head – Written communication is “heard” with your “mind’s ear” where dialogue is free and safe. The safety in your mind may translate to your writing where you are more likely to openly communicate than if you were speaking face-to-face.
  5. Leveling the Playing Field – Online status is mostly determined by your skill in communicating (including writing skills) and the quality of your ideas. Authority is minimized and relationships feel more “peer-like” so you are much more willing to speak (or write) what's on your mind.
  6. Interaction Effects – The online disinhibition effect will interact with each personality differently. In some cases resulting in a small deviation from the person's baseline (offline) behavior, while in other cases causing dramatic changes.

A Little Each Day

The easiest habits to keep are those you practice a little each day. Our data shows users login several times a week for an average of 4-5 minutes per session. When you're regularly communicating with your team members, albeit indirectly, you naturally develop a familiarity and rapport.

Our users say the eJournal works within a matter of days or weeks; their group feels closer and gets along better. Just remember, if you stop practicing regularly, your relationships may begin to weaken again. So stick with it!

Using Today's Technology

Today's technology has fully penetrated our lives, at home and at work. Now, with Corporate eJournal, there is a way to use technology to help build stronger work relationships.

While some organizations and countries are implementing a "no communication after hours" policy, CEJ might just be the exception. That's because CEJ isn't about "completing your assigned task" it's about building the team you work with and reaching your true potential.